Fat Loss Tips That Work

If you are looking for some free fat loss tips then this article is a must read for you. Not only do you receive this information for free by me but on the other hand these tips won’t cost you a penny unlike expensive fat loss pills and conventional diets that don’t work. If you are looking for fat loss tips you are probably overwhelmed with information and on the other hand a lot if not all of the information is ridiculous bullshit. These free fat loss tips are not like magic pills or wonderful diets they work but it take some time to see results. When you take pills you see temporary results but ironically enough within no time you gain all your fat back and even more. With my free fat loss tips you lose fat permanent.

1) Avoid saturated fats

Most people don’t realize that not all fat is bad. But however you have to the saturated fats (bad fats) as much as possible. If you don’t want to have a high level of cholesterol in your blood then avoid the foods that contain saturated fats. Examples of foods that contain bad fats are butter, cheese and chocolate.

2) Watch out for refined sugars

I hope you don’t make the mistake that you don’t read food labels. Perhaps you have found information by a weight loss author (I write about fat loss a great difference) who says that you have to eat fat-free foods. The change is that these fat-free foods are almost one hundred percent refined sugar. Refined sugar is even worse then fat, they are the greatest factor for your obesity and bad health.

3) Read food labels

If you want to lose fat fast you will have to implement some habits in your life for maximum success. One habit you should adopt right away is reading food labels. Maybe you check already the nutrition facts but you have to check the ingredient list as well.

4) Do weight lifting

Do you have followed a low-carbohydrate diet before with bad results? The problem with low-carb and other diets is that it may cause muscle loss. The more muscles you have the more fat you will burn. Of course it is not necessary that you become a bodybuilder. But on the other no effective fat loss programme without weight training. During the workout you are burning sugars but the real power is after the workout. With weight training you body burns fat after the workout

5) Water is essential

You know already that you have to drink water in order to survive. If you want to lose fat you need water as well and here is why. When you don’t drink enough water you are dehydrating yourself. The reaction of your body is to hold on to whatever water it needs to survive. The liver will try to help out with the overload. The problem is at this time it can’t do his own job properly, one of the important jobs of the liver is burning stored body fat for energy.

6) Do not drink

It is impossible to drive if you drink and on the other hand it is almost impossible to lose fat if you consume alcohol. Alcohol is the second most calorie dense nutrient behind food Alcohol is a toxin as well and it must be detoxified by the body. Just do the test if you go to a bar you won’t see many bodybuilder or fitness champions hanging out there after midnight and if you find one I’m sure that he/she doesn’t drink alcohol.

7) Choose natural foods

The last free fat burning tip I would like to give you is choose foods that you find in the nature. Always choose fresh foods over canned or frozen foods.

Following these free fat loss tips will take some action from your side but believe me it is worth the effort. Needless to say that it improves your general health as well.